Euboea Acrylic Velvet Reversible Bedding Set


Tranquility in Bed

Our Euboea Fine Velvet Duvet Set is one of our favorite duvet sets of the season, as it feels so delicate and has a mink touch. This product is known for its velvety texture, which comes from weaving a blend of acrylic and pure cotton yarn together.

Ultra-soft flannel fleece velvet is always a comforting choice when it comes to bedding. Its soft texture provides instant relaxation. This ultra-soft velvet bedding features an artistic touch with striped detailing and is washed for added softness.

To make the bedding appear the same as those in the photos, you must include a "Comforter" in your order.
A Comforter is included in our:
5-Piece Set

4 Piece Set - Duvet Cover, 2 Shams  1 Flat Sheet

    5 Piece Set - Duvet Cover, 2 Shams  1 Flat Sheet, and Comforter 

    • Our comforter is made of 100% satin cotton on the outside, and the filling is made of acrylic cotton. The weight of the quilt is about 10 lbs. and it is very puffy and warm.
    • Front and Back: 100% acrylic cotton Velvet
    • Queen Size: measures 84" W x 91" L
    • King Size: measures 87" W x 94" L (International King Size)
    • Imported

    Washable by Machine (Cold Wash)

    • During Washing: Must use cool mild water, liquid laundry detergent as well. Please do not use bleach.
    • When Drying: Highly preferred to use Tumble dry low (or Delicate/Gentle cycle) to avoid damaging the product. Use Wool Dryer Balls instead of dryer sheets. 
    • Whenever you want to iron it, use low heat. 

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