Kos Antibacterial Soybean Cotton Silk Pillows


Tranquility In Bed

Kos anti-bacterial and anti-mite light and luxurious soybean fiber pillows have unbelievable softness, it is hypoallergenic, extra breathable, and can be used together with silk cotton and feather fillings that repel mites and dust, and have anti-allergic effects.

When ordinary pillows are used for a long time, thousands of pillows will erode your bare skin and cause a series of skin problems. Ordinary pillows can't completely release the pressure of the cervical spine, but our soybean fiber pillow has anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial effect and refuses to "sleep with" anti-bacterial insects.

In addition, our pillow core uses pure plant soy protein fiber, combined with ultra-fine feather silk, through a professional and reasonable ratio, so that the pillow is soft and fits the cervical spine, and has a certain support ability, so that your cervical spine has zero gravity and sleeps well. You'll have peace of mind and beauty sleep.

  • Fabric: 60 woody jacquard
  • Filling: 20% vegetable soy protein fiber, 80% superfine feather silk
  • Filling weight: 1000 grams, the total weight of a single pillow is 2.4 kg
  • Pillow core height: 15cm, under the pillow height 9-10cmQueen Size: measures 45 x 74cm / 18 x 29 inches
  • Care Instruction: Gentle machine wash at low temperature, do not bleach, and do not dry clean
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