Pure Velvet Down Mulberry Silk Comforter


Tranquility in Bed

Down Velvet Down Quilt

Pure Down which is Warm & Lightweight - Goose down comforter is lightweight but keeps you warm enough for all 4 seasons. It’s more worth it to use Goose down feather duvets than alternative comforters because goose filling can keep a fit temperature, but not to be too hot at the same time, since it is breathable to let the fresh air in and sweat out. 

100% Mulberry Silk Quilt
Silk is a natural fiber in nature that combines lightness, softness, and fineness. The main ingredient is an animal protein that contains 18 essential amino acids. Silk has the magical function of chasing the wind, dehumidifying, calming, nourishing, and balancing human skin. It is smooth, breathable, gentle, hygroscopic, non-itching, antistatic, soft and warm, lightweight, warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.
The hand-made process of mulberry silk quilts has exquisite workmanship, which makes it more fluffy and more comfortable.


    • Pure Velvet Down quilt- 100% Cotton Cover. They are incredibly beautiful, functional, and provides you the warmth you need. The fabric is breathable too.

    • Mulberry silk quilts - 100% Mulberry silk. It is soft and warm, lightweight, cool in winter, and cool in summer

    • Some skin diseases can be cured without treatment. For patients with respiratory diseases, they can reduce the stimulation of short fibers and dust and reduce the incidence of disease. For the elderly, it can reduce the pressure on the futon and feel comfortable. The silk quilt can effectively protect the shoulders and reduce the pain of a frozen shoulder. The silk quilt is a good friend for those with skin allergies.

    • Exquisite craftsmanship

    • Imported                                     

Goose down detail:

Mulberry material inside:

        Details inside:


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