Alpha Iced Summer Silk Mat Sheets and Shams

$159.95 $169.95

Tranquility In Bed

Alpha Iced Summer Silk Mat Sheets are made from Thailand imported collagen. Not only does it have the advantages of strong moisture absorption and good air permeability, but it also has an excellent performance in terms of shape retention and antistatic effects.

Used on a hot night, it can quickly wick away perspiration and cool down, allowing a cool and comfortable sleep to accompany you all the time. What’s more worth mentioning is that there are countless tiny honeycomb pores on the latex, which can promote the ventilation of the mat, quickly dissipate the excess heat and sweat from the body and hair, and make your body feel cool and refreshing all night.

Latex also has natural anti-mites and antibacterial effects. You don't have to worry about mites and bacteria, and it also refuses allergies.

Latex mat is also very convenient to clean, stain can be completely removed by simple water washing and machine washing.


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