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4.9/5 by 1700+ Happy Customers

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Designed with maximum comfort
Helps you sleep
well at night
Minimalistic Aesthetics
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SĀNTI (n.)

An ethereal feeling of inner peace where the mind is free

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The Velvet Experience

Fade into the reverie of the night with this buttery soft bedding set made out of premium velvet material, unique to SĀNTI. We spent years in the lab researching the perfect material to keep you warm and cozy, yet breathable at the same time during the chilly winter and spring months.

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4.9/5 by 1700+ Happy customers
Get the sleep you deserve
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Improve Sleep Quality

We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed. Make it the most relaxing hours of your life with bedding made to soothe your mind and body after a long, stressful day. Welcome to your little slice of heaven.

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Thick, Fluffy Velvet

At SĀNTI, we only use the finest materials to craft our velvet, giving you an unmatched luxury experience. We use long-strain velvet fibers to bring you the absolute best in bedding quality.

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Stay Warm and Cozy

Sink into the dreamy bliss our velvet bedding this winter. It doesn't matter what type of weather is outside as long as it's cozy on the inside. Buttery smooth comfort awaits.

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The SANTI Difference

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Velvet from Other Brands
Whispy, Low Density

Other brands use velvet fibers that are extremely whispy and thin to the touch. This creates velvet that feels very barren, almost like you're not sleeping in velvet at all, and doesn't create that cozy, fluffy feeling that leads to a good night's sleep.

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Velvet, By SĀNTI
Thick, Fluffy, & Cozy

Density is in our DNA. At SĀNTI, we have spent years searching for the softest and thickest velvet fabric to create our bedding with. The result is a fabric that is unmatched in quality and feel. Try it out for yourself and experience the SĀNTI difference.

comforters from Other Brands
Thin and Cheap

Most brands use cheap comforter filling that leaves you feeling chilly and unsatisfied. Whether it's polyester material that shifts around in the comforter, or filling that gets clumpy after the first wash, other brands just don't deliver on comfort and luxury.

Comforters, By SĀNTI
Feels Like A Dream

At SĀNTI, we use a special blend of real and synthetic down to give you the ultimate cozy experience. Made to be ultra-puffy so that you feel like you're immersed in a warm cloud all night long. Drift off into paradise, with the SĀNTI comforter.

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When you’re awake, your brain functions are disparate and competing, but when you sleep, they begin to align, process, and start working in harmony.

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How Can We Help You Sleep Better?

We deeply care about sleep and giving you the adequate rest you need in today's busy world. In addition to silky-soft bedding that makes you worries drift away when you sleep in it, you will receive access to exclusive content on scientifically-backed sleep processes - from setting your circadian rhythm from the moment you wake up, to meditation practices that calm your mind as you wind down for the day. We've got you covered.

What Makes SĀNTI Different from other bedding brands?

Over time, bedding has often gotten a bad rap of being "boring". We're here to change all of that. With unique colors that still retain minimalist elegance, we are pushing the boundaries of the bedding industry one drop at a time.

What is your refund policy?

We accept refunds within 14 days of purchase provided that you did not wash the bedding prior to returning.

What are your shipping times?

All of our products are warehoused in Chicago, Illinois and ship out within 3 business days of an order being placed. Since bedding is a heavier item, items typically arrive within 7-10 business days of being shipped domestically and 10-14 days internationally.

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4.9/5 (1700 reviews)
Kefalonia Velvet Bedding Set
Designed with maximum comfort
Helps you sleep
well at night
Minimalistic Aesthetics
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